Double Sided Tape 3M VHB Mounting Tape Heavy Duty Waterproof Foam Tape 1 Inch x 18 Feet Length No Residue for Home Office Automotive Decorations and LED Strip Lights (1 Inch) Details

Make sure this fits by entering your model number APPLICATIONS Super sticky strength can withstand moderate to heavy mounting with peel adhesion up to 20lb in and tensile strength up to 90 lb square inch as tested on stainless steel 3M VHB tape is safe for smooth surfaces and widely used for LED strip lights trims car registration plates name plates address plaques signs emblem car holders mosquito bug screen metal mailbox mirrors hangers tooth brush holder photo frames power strip and other automotive home office decorations PRODUCT FEATURES 3M VHB 2 Sided Acrylic Foam Tapes is double coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for bonding a wide variety of substrates including lower surface energy materials and smooth surfaces such power coated paints glass marble plastic tile wood and lamination but not good to heavy textured surfaces and painted walls taken off paints while removal Excellent temperature resistance water moisture resistance removal and residue free PRETREATMENT GUIDELINES For maximum bond strength the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a 50 50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water Ideal tape application is accomplished when temperature is between 70 and 100 F 21 and 38 C and the bond is allowed to dwell 72 hours Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 50 F 10 C is not recommended INSTALLATION Clean and dry surface first apply tape to objects with hard press and cure for 12 hours to maximize the bonding strength if mount over size objects then stick to the walls with pressure X shape needed at center for big objects The longer time applied the stronger the tape will be molding into surfaces The backing film might be difficult to remove if you do not have nails it will help greatly by using a knife to cut an open on backing and then peel off the protective film AUTHENTIC 3M VHB TAPES We are an authorized 3M dealer that the data are provided by 3M lab The 3M VHB tape products from us are certified by SGS report number SHAEC1914683101 and CE 2019 35748 3M VHB tapes are conformable to increase contact with surfaces and designed to resist curling make installation faster and easier Important to be aware the best time to reposition the tape is within 8 hours hard press only when you can make sure the position of object you are going to stick.